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Upholding your privacy is vital for us. Accordingly, Zenit Excelencia Private Limited (“Zenit Excelencia,” “Zenit,” “we,” “our,” and “us”) has created this Online Privacy Policy for its customers online and the visitors to its website (www.zenitexcelencia.com) and affiliated pages (collectively, the “Site”). Detailed below is our online privacy policy document and it describes the information that we collect about you when you interact with the Site, the ways in which we use this information, and instances at which we might share it.

When Do We Collect Your Information?

We collect your information in two ways:

1. Automatically when you access the Site

We may collect personally identifiable and non personally identifiable information about you such as your device information, metadata and other Site usage and navigational details, automatically when you access the Site.

2. When you share your with information us

We also collect personally identifiable information about you such as your name, country, address, e-mail address, phone number, IP address, interest areas and other personal information and unique identifiers when you provide it to us while filling any form on the Site or Zenit Excelencia’s Google Form. For example, when you register with us to sign up for one of our courses or to be a mentor or volunteer with us.

We may further ask you for personally identifiable information when you sign up for a contest, promotion, offer, convention or any other domestic or international event sponsored, organized, hosted or promoted by Zenit Excelencia.

We may also collect any personally identifiable information about you when you contact us through our social media platforms on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google, or any others, to sign up for a course, access information about our products, share feedback, or any other form of communication.

Aside from these, we may also collect personally identifiable information about you that we receive from our business partners and service providers.

When Do We Collect Your Information?

When you access the Site using any device like laptop, tablet or mobile phone, we may employ technology to collect the following data (personally identifiable information and non personally identifiable information), automatically:

Navigational Details: This includes (but is not limited to) information pertaining to your usage patterns on the Site (such as date, time and duration of your visit and the pages, buttons, images, videos or other Site content you interact with), traffic data and visit logs, any resources that you access and other communication data.

Device Details:This includes (but is not limited to) information about your device and internet connection, like the device’s unique device identifier number, IP address, browser type and version, device network information, device operating system, the device’s telephone number (if any) and metadata.

When you access and navigate the Site or open emails from Zenit Excelencia, some third parties may collect information pertaining to you and/ or your device using tracking tools like cookies, web beacons and other automatic information collection technologies. These include

Cookies: These are small text files that are placed on your device to help us identify you from among the other visitors to the Site.

Web Beacons like Facebook Pixel: A web beacon or a pixel tag is a chunk of code that is embedded on the Site or within our emails to help us gather data regarding your engagement with the Site or email, identify you from among the other visitors to the Site and gather details on traffic/ visitor patterns, in general.

Google Analytics and Google AMP Client ID API: This is a service that keeps track of a Site visitor’s journey across the other websites they may have visited in the past or might access in the future.

Such technologies help us in tracking the web activity of our website visitors and registered users, so that we can target their interests and effectively improve their experiences on the Site and off it. If you access and use the Site, it implies that you are consenting to the use of these such technologies and related services.

The information collected by third parties may include (but is not limited to) personal but non-personally-identifiable information about you like your location, gender, age, IP address and/or domain and details of your online activities like different websites you access, and your search history. Zenit Excelencia may receive reports on this activity as individual and aggregated data.

Zenit Excelencia does not control the tracking technologies used by these third parties or how they may be used. For queries, feedback and concerns regarding any targeted content or advertisement, we request you to directly contact the provider responsible.

If you do not want Zenit Excelencia or these third parties to collect this data, please do not access, navigate or register on the Site. Furthermore, once you leave the Site or are redirected to a third-party site this Online Privacy Policy will no longer be applicable.

Your browser may also give you options to block or delete some of the technologies, like cookies, using which we automatically collect information when you access the Site. However, if you decide to implement these options, it may affect your experience on the Site. If you do not want Zenit Excelencia or these third parties to automatically collect your data please explore your browser for any options available to you.

How Do We Use The Information We Collect?

The information we collect about you and your online browsing patterns helps us to provide you the best possible online experience.

Some of the purposes for which we may use the information you provide or that we automatically collect when you visit the Site include (but are not limited to):

  • Verifying your identity
  • Remembering your personal settings or preferences every time you visit the Site
  • Determining your interests and/ or needs so we can suggest products and services that are best suited for you
  • Qualifying you for contests, promotions, offers, conventions or any other domestic or international events sponsored, organized, hosted and/ or promoted by Zenit Excelencia
  • Posting advertising content on third party sites
  • Using pixel tags and other web beacons to collect details about the web pages that you visit after seeing or interacting with our ads and offers
  • Analyzing the calibre and performance of the Site
  • Analyzing the reach and scope of Zenit Excelencia’s marketing campaigns
  • Performing our obligations and enforcing our rights with regard to any contracts entered into between you and Zenit Excelencia for administrative purposes like billing and collection
  • Notifying you about changes to the Site, updates on our products or services, email reminders for upcoming events, offers or promotions or any other information about Zenit Excelencia that may be useful to our users

We may also use aggregate or anonymously collected data that does not identify any individual customer for several business purposes including (but are not limited to) offering products or services, research, marketing and analysis of marketing trends (in keeping with applicable laws).

We may also use data automatically collected when you visit the Site (like pages you visit, buttons or images you interact with and your search queries) to identify the advertisements and offers that are most relevant to you. When your information is gathered in such a way, and for this purpose, the process is referred to as online behavioural advertising. These advertisements and offers may appear to you on the Site or on third party sites.

How Do We Share The Information We Collect?

We reserve the right to share the personally identifiable information that you give us or personal identity details like name, phone number, email and/ or educational details that we receive from our business partners and service providers with our service providers. For example, we share your email address with our business development team that is charged with sending emails on our behalf. Or we may share your name, email address and phone and/ or WhatsApp number with the trainer or mentor charged with helping you fulfil your educational goals.

We may further share non personally identifiable information like your Site usage and navigational details with third parties who execute our advertising services. We may also share this information with companies that help us operate the Site and analyze its functionalities, traffic logs, and other data. We never authorize these third parties to collect, share or in any way use this information other than to perform these services for us, in compliance with the law.

Other cases in which we may share your personally identifiable and/ or non personally identifiable information with a third party include (but are not limited to):

  • Responding to a subpoena, warrant, court order or any other official governmental, administrative or policing action that is served upon us, as permitted or required by law
  • Responding to Indian regulators or other governmental authorities
  • Protecting or defending Zenit Excelencia and/ or its affiliates and subsidiaries during legal proceedings, and/ or their directors, officers, employees, agents, partners, and independent contractors in any
  • Upon suspicion of fraud
  • Risk management, whenever necessary

Ensuring The Security Of Your Information

Zenit Excelencia maintains the security standards that are necessary to protect the information that is transmitted from your computer, domain and or network to the network that hosts the Site. This includes implementing the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is the world’s premier technology used for maintaining security protocols of data transfer on the Internet.

Please note, however, that you can also take several measures to maintain the security of your information, such as installing anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer and keeping them up-to-date.

You can also control whether or not to share any information directly or automatically with Zenit Excelencia. If you do not wish to share your personally identifiable information with us, the simplest option is to not fill our online forms or communicate with Zenit through its social media platforms. Similarly, if you do not wish to share your non-personally-identifiable information, the simplest option is to not access or interact with the Site. If you choose to exercise these options, we may not be able to assist you with purchasing our products or accessing our services. Furthermore, If you reach out to us electronically, it implies your consent for us and/ or our service providers to respond to you electronically.

Also, note that Zenit Excelencia will never ask you to share highly sensitive personal information like credit/ debit card details, one time passwords for monetary transactions, other virtual transaction-related information and government-issued identity card numbers like UID and pan card numbers over electronic communications like emails, SMSes, WhatsApp messages or any other requests made over the Internet. We request you to never send us any of your sensitive personal or identity-related information through a non-secure channel either.

Finally, if you find Zenit Excelencia’s platforms on third party sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, please understand that any information that you choose to share with them will not be governed by this online particular privacy policy.

If you choose to access information about Zenit Excelencia on a third party site please do so at your sole discretion and review their privacy policies. Please do the same before you share any information about you to or on any pages or profiles of Zenit on third-party sites.

How Can You Control Sharing Your Information?

If you would like to stop receiving emails on Zenit Excelencia’s products and services, contests, promotions, offers, conventions or events, please follow the instructions mentioned in the e-mail message you receive from us. However, even if you choose to unsubscribe from our marketing messages, we may continue to send you information about our products or services that you may be using, or send you responses to queries raised by you or send you a message addressing feedback shared by you.

You can also choose to opt-out of online behavioural advertising by visiting http://www.aboutads.info or clicking on the opt-out logo in the corner of any advertisement you view. However, such an opt-out will be specific to the device and browser you are using since the opt-out is stored as a cookie. If at any point you delete cookies from your device, you will need to repeat this process to opt-out again. Please note that you may continue to see our generic advertisements even if you opt-out of online behavioural advertising.

Furthermore, if you do not want us or any third party sites to automatically collect information about you using tracking technologies, please do not access, navigate or register on the Site.

What About Personal Information Regarding Children?

The Site, and the products and services described on the Site, are meant to be used by individuals aged 13 years and above. Please avoid visiting this site if you are under the age of 13 years.

Zenit Excelencia does not knowingly collect or retain personal information from children under the age of 13 years. If you are younger than the age of 13 years and are accessing this site, please do not provide any personally identifiable information on the Site.

Parents who are purchasing products or registering for services for children under the age of 13 years are requested to share their contact information, and not their children's when communicating with Zenit Excelencia and this Site.

What If You Are Accessing This Site From Outside India?

If you are a resident of any country other than India, you hereby understand and agree that any information you provide to us on the Site will be transferred from the country of your residence to India.

If you do not want your personally identifiable information to be transferred to India, please do not provide that information on the Site.

Changes to this Online Privacy Statement

Zenit Excelencia reserves the right to make any changes to this Online Privacy Policy at any time and without giving any prior notice to you.

If you are interested in tracking changes we make to this Online Privacy Policy, please visit it regularly and review it. If you use the Site after any update to this Online Privacy Policy, please note that it will presume your acceptance of all changes.

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