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There are two ways of becoming a mentor with Zenit.

Education is widely acknowledged as the most critical need in today's world. With the increasing demand and recognition, qualified and proficient educators or education experts are required all the time and everywhere. Our teacher training program is devised in line with the existing requirements to create such finest world-class educators.

The counsellor mentorship program is a multi-level course that empowers you to kick-start or propel your career in Career Counselling. With us, you get hands-on training through case studies, live projects, relevant tasks, and practical exposure, which ultimately lets you draw assignments, lucrative jobs, and target opportunities in the rapidly growing and in-demand field of career counselling.


Mentor Teacher

Mentor Counsellor


Teaching Skills Strategies

Creating a precise outline for lessons based on the syllabus to be covered during the course length

Exemplifying realistic technique to use classroom communication proficiently and cautiously, as well as responding accurately to learners' queries

Creating adequate familiarity with key concepts related to digital teaching techniques such as blended learning and flipped classroom

Understanding the core methodologies of selecting the right material and resources for effective and immersive teaching experience

Developing the basic but imperative practical skills akin to computer expertise, online searching, discovering web-based materials, and use of social media.

Analysis & Theories of Psychometric Assessments

You will gain knowledge of the career- counselling sector

Psychometric Assessments, Practices and Theories

Creating student’s report by analyzing personality traits, interests and disliking. It is analysed basis student’s based psychometric test.

Understanding Holland theory and its usefulness in analysing interest and strengths in career choices

Analysis of student’s Learning Style

Analysis of student’s abilities and skills

Discussion in real-time scenarios and case studies

Gain knowledge about test (Psychometric assessments)

Formats and platforms on which test is conducted


Know Your Learner

Understanding learning styles of the enrolled aspirants(e.g., visual, auditory, Kinesthetic, multiple intelligence)

Understanding the learners' type (e.g., young, adult, monolingual, multilingual, beginners, or advanced)

Modifying differentiated tools as and when required to better the learning process as per individual needs.

Explore Career options and opportunities

Learners’ will be guided to select most suitable subject to develop a clear path for future. Overcoming learning gaps after careful analysis at Grade 9-10 level.

Developing guiding path for learning & help in subject selection students for different groups (PCMB, Maths, Bio, arts, Commerce etc.)

Help in stream and subject selection

Strengths and weakness analysis of learner to prepare a smooth roadmap for graduate students

Guiding Professionals, Engineers to develop further career goals using suitable techniques, tools and guidance from industry experienced veterans

Finding minimum of 3 most suitable careers paths based on for the learner and also providing the list of careers to be avoided by the candidate

Understanding factors responsible for choices made in career and subject selection; things to consider while making decisions of

Understanding delivery mechanism of professional career counseling service


Teaching Language Systems

Teaching vocabulary: The lessons involve understanding key vocab principles and techniques (i.e., inductive/deductive/ creating context, form/meaning/use concept checking process to infer implied meanings)

Teaching phonology: The lessons involve key principles and techniques for practising phonology (i.e., sounds/phonemes/ stress pattern inductive/ deductive/creating context, form/meaning/use concept checking process to infer implied meanings)

Teaching Grammar: The lessons involve key principles and techniques akin to the grammar and its proper use (i.e., inductive /deductive presentation of concept; use of timelines; freer practice technique); The module also includes understanding lesson shapes such as Presentation Practice Production (PPP); Test Teach Test (TTT), Task-based Learning (TBL)— the key terms for describing grammar.

Teaching Discourse: The lessons involve key principles and techniques for simplifying discourse features such as genres, coherence, cohesion, speech acts, turn-taking, etc. It also includes understanding key terminologies such as substitution, ellipsis, conjunction, etc.

Library & Resources of Career Options

Understanding nature of work and occupations available

Familiarity with career options and learn about more than 150+ professional avenues in more than 10+ career branches to choose from

Understanding essential elements of career counselling process and its importance

Aligning new age professional lines and scopes with subject choices

Guidance on career goals by avoiding off-beat professions


Teaching Skills

Teaching listening: The lessons involve key principles & techniques akin to listening (i.e., top-down vs bottom-up processes, pre/while/post-listening activities, sub-skills, strategies)

Teaching reading: The lessons involve key principles techniques akin to reading (i.e., understanding of text types, genres and their purpose; developing reading strategies of skimming, scanning and reading for gist and in detail; ability to analyze text)

Teaching Writing: The lessons involve key principles, techniques and concepts akin to writing (i.e., introducing genres in writing; styles required in a variety of writing; developing an understanding of writing purpose, assessing and giving feedback on writing; differences in spoken and written English)

Teaching Speaking: The lessons involve Key concepts, techniques and tools akin to spoken language (correcting learners' language frameworks; explicit/implicit techniques; demonstration of practical application through a variety of teaching techniques in a specified context with an intent to achieve desired outcomes)

Process and milestones of counselling process

Complete guidance on career counseling process; understanding organisation structure Mastering skill of counselling

Understanding Do's and Dont's of the process

Matching expectations of parent with student

Profiling of candidate

Dealing queries of both students and parents by answering problem statements

Setting & Meeting timelines of the process of career selection

Handling Objections techniques

Case Studies


Accessing Language Learning

The lessons cover key concepts and techniques such as formative and summative assessment to evaluate learners' understanding of the language

Developing Familiarity with National and International English examinations (Cambridge English Exams (YLE, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, BEC, IELTS) TOEFL, OET, SAT, PSAT, IB and IGCSE First and Second Language, CAT, CMAT MAT, GRE, GMAT, CLAT etc.)

Developing the awareness of assessment categories (such as purpose, delivery type, classroom types & quizzes)

Understanding Course Selection & College Selection

Understanding Country Wise selection criteria

Finding suitable destination country; course; matching requirements with budget

Preparation of roadmap for university admission, documentation, specific course or country requirement list for candidates

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