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We are one stop solution for all types of visas We handle immigration process delicately to provide complete solution

We aim to understand you at both macro and micro level before giving you any solution. We have a team of veteran and licensed professionals who skillfully handle each case and provide the best suitable solution for each case. We work for our and your success to build a trust-worthy client relationship. We help skilled professionals and help them to make career abroad. Even investors get opportunity to settle abroad by making investments in real-estate abroad. There are chances for entrepreneurs to have business set-ups overseas.

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Why Choose ZENIT

Zenit builds relationship by empowering individuals, gaining trust and enable them to achieve their dream of becoming prosperous and a permanent resident of their dream country. We provide seamless consultancy services. Our team of experts work under the guidance of veteran consultant who has experience of more than 35 years in this field. We work for immigration visa for several countries in the world which includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Germany, USA, Hongkong, Denmark, etc. We do assessment of each case and ensure that you get fair response on our eligibility prospects.

How do we work?

Take our services

We provide end to end services which starts with screening and assessment of your documents; helping you meet IELTS score requirement, preparing all required documents with your help and thereafter filing for your permanent residency to the country of your choice and assisting you with job. We assure you are successfully settled in your dream country

Take our consultancy

In case, you are confident enough to handle your work yourself but not sure how to do you can take advisory services from our consultant and do your work yourself. This would save you paying for hefty service charges.

Heading Here

We understand that relocating to another location maybe a nightmare for anyone and when your are planning to migrate another country, you maybe more scared then anything ever. Zenit assists you in making this transition convenient for you and help you in simplifying this complicated process. When moving to another country we must prepare ourself to meet people of varied cultures and backgrounds. We offer settlement solutions to bridge the gap between mainstream population with new immigrant. It includes arranging for your accommodation, advise on your financials, search for residence, paper-work completion for taxes, banking and health insurance. We run job support services within the wage criteria.

What kind of Visas do we support with?

  • We help in variety of visas for various countries
  • Permanent Residency Visa
  • Visas for Skilled Works
  • Investment Visas
  • Business Visas
  • Travel and tourist visa

One Stop Solutions

We are one world citizen now. There is legitimate movement happening these days irrespective of people’s nationality. We are true global citizens working, living and prospering beyond our set boundaries. Let us explore all options for you best suited within your timeline and budget to meet your requirement.

Why Choose Zenit ?

We are a team of dedicated
counsellor, It is not just our
job but our passion

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