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Cambridge English Assessment are an excellent way of motivating learners and giving them an opportunity to demonstrate the progress they have made. Cambridge English Language Assessment is a part of world famous University of Cambridge, UK. Cambridge qualifications are taken by millions of people all over the world in more than 130 countries, these leading certificates are globally accepted and acclaimed for their high standards of quality and reliability by universities, employers, and various governments bodies for admissions and visa purposes. You can be sure to measure progress in English and improved job prospects as exam scores are mapped to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at levels.

Prepare With Our Expert Team of Teachers

We have a team of Cambridge Trained Trainers who have years of experience. They also attend numerous Cambridge training to ensure that they get the desired outcome from their learners. We bring enthusiastic team of trainers who are willing to solve your learning related problems by reinforcing positive attitude and engage learners in skill based learning process. We have teachers and mentors who bring 5+ years of teaching experience in a reputed organisation of the world. All trainings are done under Cambridge trained trainers. Our English language experts not only enhance your English but improve your confidence. They ensure that you are prepared to communicate for work, study and social life.

Attain Excellence in English

We start by setting a goal after a detailed assessment of each candidate aspiring to improve and enhance English. Once we assess your present level, we work to bridge the skill gap to get the desired result from the candidate. Once we have clarity of learner’s present knowledge, it becomes easy to set a clear road-map for learner. Our teaching methodology is to involve learners in their own style and involve them in active learning process, slowly but steadily increasing their pace and motivation. We involve you by first identifying your learning style and catering you lessons according to your need. Our approach involves leveling current teaching style with your learning style and pace. We engage you in the learning process and increase conceptual understanding of the subject. We follow high level of professional attitude, and maintain high standard of teaching. Having right skills in English enhance career opportunity for you and assure that you reach your goal.

Learning Simplified with Online and Onsite Solutions

There are solutions available to make learners life easy and comfortable. We give a combination of online and onsite delivery of program. We work to improve English of kids, teens and adults. With the help of technology, programs are available for groups and as well as individuals. We engage learners and bring them up in CEFR levels. We have our learners learning under the best conditions at the comfort of their home. We allow learners to refer to the session recordings for reference. We provide you with an option that best fits your life: in-classroom, online, private tutoring or self-paced. We stay focused on your performance in Cambridge English Exams such as IELTS.

Global Recognition for Study and Work Visa Requirements

Cambridge English Exams are highly flexible qualifications that are fit-for-purpose to meet the well-defined global requirements. There are thousands of universities, colleges, professional institutions, governmental bodies and international level organisations accept these qualifications for studying and visa purposes. All kinds of accents are included in listening practice be it British, American and Australian. You can prepare with us for all kinds of Cambridge examinations.  With Cambridge Qualifications, you can meet the expectations of your prospective employers and meet demands of your career. In addition, you can fulfill your dreams of studying abroad or settling in a foreign country. All is possible with this most prestigious qualification in the world.

How we enhance English Language Skills

We support you in learning and building English language skills with help of numerous Cambridge resources which includes specific level wise vocabulary list, exam support material, practice papers and sample exam-like question papers. Our team of Cambridge trained trainers work continuously with you to ensure you develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. We clarify concepts of English grammar and develop deeper understanding of texts. We ensure that you understand implied meanings and explicitly express emotions. We ensure that your oracy skills improve and you develop confidence in speaking. Our teaching techniques are engaging and we explore strategies to create cross-cultural programs for our learners. We provide continual assessment and learning opportunities.

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Zenit helps in preparing for Cambridge English Qualifications. These qualifications are most respected and known in the world. This is the best way to acquire international qualifications and build your profile. English is language of communication, a language that unites you with whole world, a language which ensures that your grades will improve in all subjects. It makes you more confident individual thus making it easier for you to achieve your desired goals. Having Cambridge Qualification opens your door for university education anywhere in the world as it makes you successful in both academics and profession.

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