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Zenit Excelencia means Top of Excellence and this is what we aim to deliver through our training, mentoring and consultancy services. We are a result driven organisation with team of expert professional leaders who provide insightful solutions to your major challenges – from learning and enhancing skills to successful placement of students in schools, universities or corporate jobs. We provide quality services to our educational partners, K-12 schools, colleges and universities. We are in industry to gain trust of the people we serve.

We feel honored to work hand in hand with leading government organisations, multinational companies, most progressive international and public schools, public and private universities in India & abroad.Our tailor-made, result driven partnership help

Top of Excellence

We are one of the best coaching institute of English. We are accredited by Cambridge Assessments, English and member of International Civil Aviation English Association. Zenit associates with individuals, parents, school leaders, corporate professionals, and staff members to fast-track growth and produce desired results. Choose a right English course at Zenit to enhance their potential and let them develop competency in language, cultivate life skills and become future ready.

We run our programs through class courses and private tutoring at many locations in India and worldwide both in person and online. Our programs offer mentoring for admissions in world’s renowned universities and colleges for graduate programs. We also offer corporate training, leadership and consultancy to schools and institution.


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I truly appreciate the highly professional attitude of Zenit team! They have solved my biggest challenges by simplifying and handling the complex process of admission in university abroad. They have been a one-stop shop for all preparations such as profile-building, IELTS and SAT exams. My son always got solutions to his academic and non-academic problems. Zenit team has accomplished all their promises and have provided me with the best possible solution to my challenges.

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