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Zenit Virtual learning br ings activity based English Language learning program into your home. We thank Cambridge Assessment, English for their extensive support in providing us support of their key partnership and accessibility to engaging learning material and assessment methodology. Through our online programs, we build a global community of English learners and provide skill building opportunity of listening, speaking, reading and writing. We support learners of all age groups, adults as well as kids develop their English skills online, enhance confidence and help attain desired goals.

English for Kids

Our English program for kids sparkles creativity and confidence. We focus on inculcating skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. We ensure learning through various activities of reading, songs, videos, and quiz programs. We know learning English is most effective when done through interactive activities. We ensure that your child’s learning experience will remain rewarding and happy. Together with Zenit, build strong foundation for language learning. Respond to statements related to personal information

  • Use appropriate words and phrases to describe people and objects
  • Recognise a wide range of language at text level
  • Spell high-frequency words accurately
  • Spell high-frequency words accurately
  • Read a range of short simple fiction and non-fiction texts with confidence and enjoyment
  • Express basic likes and dislikes
English for Teenagers

Our course designed for teenagers and college-goers prepares them for academic and professional communication. Vocabulary and grammar of both academic and general English with unique listening-speaking and reading-writing practices. We make learning experience both enriching and rewarding for our learners. We develop international mindedness and make our learners equip for their social life. Together with Zenit, nourish your child’s future prospects.

  • Understand specific and detail information on a range of topics
  • Comprehend specific, implicit and explicit information/meaning
  • Structured listening and speaking practice
  • Recognise difference between fact and opinion in texts
  • Link sentences and ideas into coherent text on a range of topics when writing independently
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Make learners street- smart and confident orators
English for Adults

If you are looking to make impression on people socially, improve your academic performance uplift your career, or travel to another country, our English Language courses would certainly help you achieve more. Courses are for busy adults that prepares them to communicate effectively for business and social demands. We offer courses both for new language learners and existing users of language. Our courses build your fluency and gives you confidence of interacting in all situations.

  • Structured listening and speaking practice
  • Development of reading and writing skills
  • Enhancement of vocabulary
  • Authentic fictional and non-fictional reading & writing
  • Improve public speaking through role-plays, discussions, videos, etc.,
  • Exposure to real-life scenarios
  • Improved language skills will lead to enhanced personality
  • Become effective presenters
English for Corporates

Our English courses enable you to develop capability of building and growing in professional sector. Whether you are pursuing your career anywhere across the world or in India, knowledge of English Language is the most important. We have courses for people in technology, finance, hospitality, medicine, tourism and science sectors. Our courses will fully equip you to follow the dreams you chase. You have choice to select courses which are short or long-term courses and half or full-day workshop based intensive trainings. We offer both face-to-face and online delivery option to our clients. We assure a remarkable learning experience as our learners have opportunity to prove their skills to world by earning a Cambridge English Qualifications

  • Skills: Use language across the modalities of LSRW
  • Fluency: Develop fluency through consistent practice
  • Functional Language: Practical functional speaking/writing
  • Accuracy: Become proficient in vocabulary and grammar
  • Acquire work-place specific language and soft-skills
  • Opportunity to prove language skills to the world by earning Cambridge English Qualifications
English for Institution

We are passionate about spreading knowledge of English to all parts of the country. Being a Cambridge Assessment, English exam preparation center, our mission is work with educational institutions such as schools and colleges to enhance their communicative English. We provide a range of training programs powered by Cambridge Assessments English for both students and teachers to enhance their English Language Skills. These courses are tailor-made and can be delivered both on-line and face to face. Our team of trainers is passionate about teaching English and is experienced and qualified to deliver the effective lessons.

  • Communicate effectively with your, learners, parents, and colleagues
  • Learning by knowing styles of your learners
  • Enhance personal effectiveness for routine classroom and workplace purpose
  • Become skilled in planning a digital lesson
  • Enhance your language delivery skills
  • Differentiated teaching to make connection
  • Introducing CLIL(Content and Language Integrated Learning) Teaching
  • Increase level of fluency
  • Global career opportunities
  • Earn a Cambridge TKT Qualification (Optional)
English for Employability

The purpose of learning anything means to get oneself a good job and make a progressive career. World now has become a global platform and one of the most desired skill for a good job is one’s ability to communicate in English. We offer programs for people of all sectors to enhance your communication skills in English and get yourself a good job. We prepare learners for global workplace by equipping them with right skills. Zenit ensures that our learners get benefit of being in company of experts and get maximum advantage of their lessons. We ensure that English will accelerate your career path and open world of opportunities for you.

  • Listen and comprehend speaker’s attitude, bias and prejudice
  • Employ appropriate structure, tone and style in usage
  • Enhanced vocabulary with high level of fluency
  • Enhanced LSRW skills
  • Become skilled in Business English Writing
  • Resume making
  • Learn paraphrasing by using own words
  • Be a skilled negotiator for salary
  • Contribute and balance simple to complex conversation
  • Global career opportunities
  • Earn a Cambridge BEC Qualification

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Zenit aims to develop communication skills in English through its English enhancement initiative popularly known as Zenit English Enhancement Program (ZEEP). We enhance language skills through various combination of teaching methods and traditional, innovative, reflective and experiential learning elements catering the listening, speaking, reading and writing model. This programme helps in developing contextual vocabulary and grammar.

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